10 Explanation On Why Linux Is Important ?

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10 Explanation on why linux ?

Formally, Linux is a family of free and open-source software operating systems built around the kernel. Typically, it is packaged in a form known as a Linux distribution for both desktop and server use. The defining component of a Linux distribution is the kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds.

Various reasons you should use Linux are described below. Without further delay let’s get started before that if you guys are enjoying my articles please make sure you share it with your friends 🙂 so Let’s Start.

1. Open Source

Opensource is a term denoting that a product includes permission to use its source code, design documents, or content. In case of Linux it is completely open source and we can grab a source code from its official kernel page & customize it whatever type of customization we like. This feature is plus point to use Linux.

2. Secure

Let’s face it; Windows Operating System (OS) is vulnerable to different types of attacks (or hacks) However, Linux is not as vulnerable as window. It sure isn’t invulnerable, but it is a lot more secure. Although, there’s no rocket science in it.

It is just the way Linux works that makes it a secure operating system. Overall, the process of package management, the concept of repositories, and a couple more features makes it possibe for linux to be more secure than windows.

3. Can Revive Older Computers

As the operating systems evolve, so do their hardware requirements increase exponentially. For instance, if you purchase a genuine copy of Windows 10, you will have to meet the minimum hardware requirements to run it successfully, and you cannot run it on just about low-end System but here comes our legend again which can run on low-end System very smoothly, also requires less memory , hardware , processor etc whereas windows system requires heavy processing power , RAM(Random Access Memory) at least 2GB to run windows 10 64-bit. Linux does not need that much RAM and processing power to run its kernel that is why most of the old generation computers run on it.

4. Perfect For Programmers

It supports almost all of the major programming languages (Python, C/C++,java, Perl, Ruby etc.) Moreover, it offers a vast range of application useful for programming purposes. Atom is the 21st hackable editor like visual studio used for developing web applications and supports lots of programming language syntax highlighting so that users can understand it more efficiently.

5. Software Updates

Microsoft pushes a software update when it receives a set of problems or if something major needs to be fixed. On the other hand, you would observe a software update to address a little problem.

So, with it, you will notice more updates to fix the problems you might be facing. You will not only encounter a larger number of software updates, but you will also observe much faster software updates.

6. Customization

one major advantage of using Linux is that you can customize your Linux whatsoever way you like it to look. If you like tweaking your system’s looks, Linux is just perfect for you. Apart from installing themes, you have tons of beautiful icon themes. In addition to that, you can use Conky to display system information on the desktop in the coolest way possible. Needless to say that you can do a lot around Wallpapers in Linux.

7. Variety Of Distributions

One of the major advantages of using Linux is that it comes into various flavor and distributions we can use whatsoever flavor we want it to use. In contrast, you will find tons of distros out there created for a different set of needs. ( For example Kali Linux, Parrot Sec. Linux is specially designed for penetration testing and for Security ) . It is recommended that you install Linux with your requirements not just for showing others that I’m using Linux.

8. Free To Use

Linux is accessible to the public for free! However, that is not the case if we willing to compare it with windows. You do not have to pay 100-200 USD to get hands on a genuine copy of a Linux distro (Such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Centos). So, it is entirely free. If Something is free but useful, it is always the best things to expect.

9. Better Community Support

You do not need to hire an expert to solve a problem you are facing on your system. You just need to search the problem in Linux forums/Web Search which gives you the solution of your problem most of the times. There are lots of active Linux users active on a Linux forums which is the huge benefit for you to have them. However, the community response might vary depending on the Linux distribution being used.

10. Privacy

Microsoft certainly tries to anonymize the data collected from every user. However, it does not look convincing with Microsoft’s latest Windows 10. It has already received an enormous amount of criticism of how it collects data, what is should collect and what it should not.

If You have ever used Windows 10, you could only head into the privacy settings to know that everything is enabled by default. Even if you opt out to send Microsoft information about your data, it is still being collected. Of course, Microsoft will not bother revealing it officially with a press statement, but it surely does. So, you would need a set of tools to disable the spying modules of Windows.

In contrast, Linux would be the perfect solution for a privacy buff. First of all, Linux distributions do not collect much data (or none). Moreover, you will not be needing additional tools to protect your privacy.

Thanks for your time reading this article and let me your thoughts in the comments 🙂 .

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