Disqus Comment Policy

By Puskar Trital

Comments are welcomed and an important part of my blog, and readers are very welcome and encouraged to leave comments on the blog posts that i have written. When you leave a comment on this blog, you do so with the understanding and knowledge of the information on this page (i believe you will).

Questions will be answered in the comments at my discretion and due to the number of comments some posts generate, and my other work, I’m unfortunately unable to answer every comment. In other cases, I may answer inquiries personally via email and may not publish the comment and/or response.

You must use a valid email address when leaving a comment. E-mail addresses are hidden from the public view and will not be used for any other purpose, nor are they shared or published in any way. If your e-mail address isn’t valid, your comment will not be published.

If no comment field appears at the end of a published post and comments, that means that the post is closed for comments. Posts are closed for comments after 30 days for a variety of reasons, one of which being spam. If you have a question, it’s hopefully been answered previously in the comments.

1. Comments and URLs which link to commercial websites or blogs will be deleted.

2. Please do not leave the name or URL to your website, blog, or business in the body of your comment.

3. Comments may be edited for grammar, spelling, or content.

4. Comments may be moderated and may not appear on the blog without approval.

5. Comments may be deleted at any time, without notice.

6. There will not always be a response to a comment.

Due to my schedule and working on various projects, I may or may not be able to respond to comments.

7. If you find a broken link or typographical error, you are welcome to point it out.

But please realize that due to the temporal nature of blogs, those are both bound to happen. If you wish to mention it, tact is appreciated.

8. One-third of the readers of this blog live outside Nepal

Please keep that in mind and readers should be sensitive to cultural differences and values when leaving comments or responding to others.

9. Be a nice person.

Thanks For Reading The Disqus Comments Policy I hope You Get It, Please Make Sure You Follow The Policy Stated Above.