Top 10 Interesting Facts About Linux.

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Interesting Facts About Linux

Linux is an Open Source OS built around the Linux kernel, developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991. Typically, Linux comes in two variants one for server use and another for Desktop. FYI The Linux kernel is the largest component of the Linux operating system and is charged with managing the hardware, running user programs, and maintaining the security and integrity of the whole system. Without further delay let’s get started before that if you guys are enjoying my articles please make sure you share it with your friends 🙂 so Let’s Start.

1. Linux is the operating system for over 95% of the top one million domains.

2. Linux is favorite os of major tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook for providing web as well as cloud services. Google has its own specialized version of Ubuntu for employees called Goobuntu.

3. Linux very nearly wasn’t called Linux! Linus Torvalds wanted to call his “hobby” project “FreaX” (a combination of “free”, “freak” and “Unix”). Unfortunately, he was convinced otherwise by the owner of the server hosting his early code, who happened to prefer the name “Linux” (a combination of “Linus” and “Unix”).

4. Most of the global markets run on Linux, including NASA, ESA, the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, the London Exchange, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Private space companies like SpaceX also leverage it, with the latter having completed 65 space missions (and counting) with the assistance of a fault-resistant Linux system in their powerful Falcon 9 rockets,

5. Tux, the Linux mascot, is a penguin, but have you ever wondered why it’s a penguin? The answer depends on who you ask ? Linus recounts a story in which he was bitten by an angry penguin, infecting him with a (made-up) disease called “penguinitis”. Others say its selection was due to Linus’ fondness for the animal and/or its unsuitability as a corporate logo.

6. Linux is the go-to infrastructure supporting the world’s e-commerce leaders, including Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Walmart, and others.

7. All of the top 500 supercomputers in the world run on Linux, World most biggest supercomputer located at china named as ** “Sunway Taihulight”** runs on its own operating system, Sunway RaiseOS 2.0.5, which is based on Linux.

Shocking fact :- It has 10,649,600(Ten Million Six Hundred Forty-nine Thousand Six Hundred) Processing Cores around (i.e. Normal PC X 93000) have 1.3 Peta Bytes Of RAM & Consume max. 15 Megawatt Power.

8. Talking of contributions, Google, Intel, Huawei, Samsung, Red Hat, Canonical and Facebook are among the top contributors to Linux kernel development in recent years.

9. Linus Torvalds was born in Finland, a bilingual country, and considers Swedish to be his “mother tongue”. He says he’s often “uncomfortable” speaking in english because of pronunciation differences, but prefers to read English books.

10. Over 95% of Linux is written in C language, according to data crunched by the website.

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